***30 Day Warranty Included For All Plasti Dip Services***
We also offer Proline and AutoFlex Coatings! Please call for a quote!





An initial deposit of 50% is required for all Dip services to order your specific color-matched dip. Deposit is non-refundable once the materials has been ordered. We accept check, credit card, PayPal, direct deposit, and cash.  (Any required base coats, masking materials, tax and labor is already included in price) (Satin finish included for pearls and flakes at no charge, Semi-Gloss and Gloss is optional) (Standard Colors also include True Metallics and Flourescent) 

Prices listed are for Plasti Dip. We offer upgrated products inluding Proline and AutoFlex. Please contact us for pricing.

Compact/Coupe                                        Standard Color                                                      $600

Full-Sized Sedan/Coupe                          Standard Color                                                     $650

Mid-Sized Truck/SUV                               Standard Color                                                     $700

Full-Sized Truck/SUV                               Standard Color                                                     $750

Door Jambs (EACH)                                   Standard Color                                                      $150

Motorcycle (Fairings + Tank)                  Standard Color                                                      $175

Add Satin Finish (Included w/ pearls)     Any Color                                                            $150

Add Semi-Gloss Finish                                AnyColor                                                             $175

Add Glossy Finish                                            Any Color                                                         $225

Add Two Tone Style                                       Any Color                                                           $100

Add Micro Flake                                              Any Color                                                         *$125

Add Pearls                                                         Any Color                                                         *$175

Add Martian Pearls                                         Any Color                                                        *$200

Add Chameleon  Pearls                                 Any Color                                                         *$350

SuperShift Pearls                                             Any Color                                                         *$550

Set of Rims (Car/Truck)                                  Any Color                                                          $200

Set of Rims (Motorcycle)                                 Any Color                                                          $100

Add Satin Finish (Rims)                                  Any Color                                                          $50

Add Semi-Gloss Finish (Rims Car/Truck)   Any Color                                                          $75

Add Semi-Gloss Finish (Rims Motorcycle) Any Color                                                          $35

Add Glossy Finish (Rims Car/Truck)              Any Color                                                        $100

Add Glossy Finish (Rims Motorcycle)            Any Color                                                        $75

Grille                                                                Standard Color                                                     $100

Badges & Emblems (Full Set)                    Standard Color                                                      $75

Protective Bra ("Invisi-Liner")              Clear Matte or Satin                                                $145

* Full Sized Trucks and SUVs require an extra gallon of additive mix to cover correctly.

Add Micro Flake                                                Any Color                                                          $175

Add Pearls                                                          Any Color                                                           $220

Add Martian Pearls                                          Any Color                                                          $250

Add Chemeleon                                                 Any Color                                                         $475

Add SuperShift                                                  Any Color                                                         $675


Underbody Kit                                                    Any Color                                                         $200

Wheel Well Kit                                                    Any Color                                                         $200

Underbody + Wheel Well                                 Any Color                                                          $350

Grill Kit                                                                 Any Color                                                          $100

Foot Well Kit (Front)                                         Any Color                                                          $100

Replace All OEM Interior                                Any Color                                                           $100

"The Works" All of the above                          Any Color                                                          $500

Multi Color/Strobe/Effects/Remote-Contr                                      Contact for Current Prices






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I invite everyone to check around at other shops prices. Please ask them exactly what you will get for your money. Check out our About Plastidip page for a general step by step on what how we dip your car. We promise no shop in the DMV area offer the same level of service at at our prices. We go above and beyond for each and every customer, because our job is not done untill you have the car of your dreams.

**We accept all forms of paymet**

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